AsiaAssist helps brands grow and get traction in the Chinese consumer market.

We offer actionable insights and data-driven decision-making that position your brand for success.

Why Choose AsiaAssist?

AsiaAssist is operated with western management, and our services are executed by a localized team of experts. When you work with AsiaAssist, you have a partner who thinks like you do, and has the experience to expand your business beyond your current reach. We offer a full-service, premium, all-in-one solution for global brands to scale in a brand-new market with a data-driven structured approach.

Having ownership of the whole customer journey is an important, yet often overlooked, part of building a brand. With AsiaAssist, you get greater control over the journey while working with a partner who truly understands the process. From awareness, and interest through to the loyalty and purchase stage, we help our partners achieve greater success.

Why Choose Asia Assist
Why Choose Asia Assist

The internet is the most popular form of shopping in China, so now is the best time to take action.


How Big Is China E-commerce?

Since 2013, China has had the largest retail e-commerce market in the world. In the decade to 2020, its sales grew 34-fold, compared to ninefold growth worldwide. Its sales in 2020 stood at US$2.3 trillion, just over half of the world's e-commerce market of US$4.3 trillion.

The time to launch your China e-commerce company is now!

Our Leadership Team

AsiaAssist was founded by Jelmer de Jong and Jean-Paul Schmitz. Jelmer and Jean-Paul have spent much of their careers working in the e-commerce industry at one of the major e-commerce marketplaces in Europe. However, after studying in Hong Kong and South Korea, respectively, the duo uncovered the untapped potential of the Chinese e-commerce market.

Equipped with nothing but a backpack, they ventured to China with a single client believing in their vision. Founded in 2015 with a strong local team of experts and now managing over 15 brands in China.

Together, they have placed an extreme focus on customer satisfaction to create an e-commerce brand accelerator that’s truly successful. We work to guide our brand partners through scaling up while focusing on the happiness of the consumers who purchase their products.


Jean-Paul Schmitz

Director of Business Development & Co-founder


Jelmer de Jong

CEO & Co-founder

Louk 1

Louk van de Sanden



Dimmes Doornhein

Chairman Supervisory Board & Shareholder

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“With the solutions of AsiaAssist we gain market share in the most competitive market in the world, we sell directly to Chinese consumers and reach millions of consumers online.”

Ed van Wezel


Our Mission Statement

AsiaAssist is on a mission to grow brands that win in Asia and Europe. To do this, we create localized brand eco-systems while creatively delivering strategically meaningful consumer experiences that drive solid results and let brands scale up faster.

Asia Assist Gallery Images 4
Asia Assist Gallery Images 4

Our Values


Our goal is to create visionary ideas that benefit our clients while executing them cleverly with craftmanship.


Our passion is to succeed. That desire for success extends to our team, company, brands, and consumers. Nothing is more important to us than to execute that passion.


Without leveraging our pragmatism, transparency, and common sense, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Our calm, level-headed mentality is critical to the health of our business and brand services.


Collaborating empowers us to be the best at what we do. Our team is task-driven, dedicated to learning from our brand partners, and eager to build and grow together with the sheer ambition to succeed.

Scale Up Your Brand in China With AsiaAssist

AsiaAssist is excited to work with brands that have the potential for real traction within the Chinese consumer marketplaces. If your brand needs assistance in professionalizing itself to scale up faster, we want to help.

For long-term support for your China e-commerce brand, contact our team today.