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Chinese e-commerce is moving fast and lagging behind can be the death of a brand in the market. Follow and read our blog to remain on top of the latest events and changes in the market, as well as upcoming ones.

e-commerce paid advertising in china considerations

E-commerce Paid Advertising in China – 5 Considerations

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E-commerce Media Spending in China 2022: Increasing but shifting how it is allocated

Some media outlets had projected that post-lockdown “revenge buying” may result in…

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Alibaba Singles day

Insight 3

Influencer marketing in China: find the Key Opinion Leader

Insight 2

Leap over the Great Firewall of China for a wealth of opportunities


Promote your Beauty Brand on China’s newest platform: Little Redbook

Advertising Cosmetic And Beauty Products As Medical Banned In China

Advertising Cosmetic and Beauty Products as “Medical” banned in China

Crack Down On Daigou Merchants

Crack Down on Daigou Merchants

Chinese New Year Hongbao Old Traditions And New Technology

Chinese New Year & Hongbao : Old traditions and new technology

New Ecommerce Regulations For 2019 In China

New E-commerce Regulations for 2019 in China

Tmg Merchant Event

Enter the Chinese E-commerce market with Tmall Global

Wechat King Chinese Internet

10 Must-Have Apps For China

Family 562731 1280

Children in China: a bright future.

Changing Our Internet

Video: How China is changing our internet.

Chiina Shopper

The Chinese Consumer. 5 Trends & insights.

Wechat King Chinese Internet

WeChat: King of the (Chinese) internet

M Commerce In China

Mobile e-commerce in China on the rise

Asiaassist E Commerce Agency China – one of the biggest online retailers in China

Wechat King Chinese Internet

Increasing popularity on cross-border E-commerce by Taobao, Tmall and Tmall Global

Tmall Global Landing Page Header

Enter the Chinese E-commerce market through Tmall Global

Wechat King Chinese Internet

Entrepreneurs in E-commerce: make your move to China