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AsiaAssist Minimizes Your Risk & Increases Your Brand’s Time-To-Value.

AsiaAssist Serves Western brands seeking business intelligence in the Chinese market. Our partners are passionate about succeeding in a new market via a transparent, data-driven approach.

Our Process

Launching a new brand or product in a foreign market can be anything but easy. Having a Brand Partner who truly understands and appreciates the value of partnership transforms the success of any product. AsiaAssist aims to be that partner.



We offer a variety of solutions to make launching a China e-commerce store much more accessible.


Insights & Reporting

AsiaAssist provides in-depth insights and reporting solutions that include go-to-market strategies to support brands entering the Chinese e-commerce market.

E Commerce

E-commerce Services

AsiaAssist supports building and operating e-commerce stores on the major e-commerce marketplaces, including Tmall, JD, PinDuoDuo, and Alibaba e-commerce platforms.

Digital Marketing

Digital & Social Media Marketing Services

Making digital & social media marketing more straightforward is our number one goal. We specialize in reliable social media management, influencer, and KOL marketing services.


Creative Solutions

We provide exclusive brand positioning, content production, live streaming, and branding and naming services for brands breaking into the Chinese market.


Partnership Model

AsiaAssist accelerates brands to sell more through a sustainable growth model.

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Our Think, Build, & Operate Model

China is an incredibly fast-growing and attractive market for countless foreign brands. Yet, the market itself has unique characteristics, and brands are unsure of the steps to enter and be successful in the Chinese market.

AsiaAssist’s Think, Build and Operate model is built to simplify the market entry in three core steps. This model is highly efficient in developing brands and delivers incredible results for our Brand Partners. Let’s take a closer look at what this model entails.

Asia Assist Gallery Images 5
Asia Assist Gallery Images 5


This step is an in-depth analysis of the market potential, focusing on lowering risks. Our objective is to create a realistic, comprehensive market entry strategy that serves as the foundation for launching your brand successfully in the Chinese market.



AsiaAssist creates your brand by first launching your e-commerce store. Our team assembles and designs your store step-by-step by localizing content, developing page designs, connecting APIs, educating customer service, and coordinating our logistics and warehousing teams.



After launching your China e-commerce store, we immediately begin driving traffic to your stores to increase sales volume and the number of product reviews quickly. Next, our operational teams ensure that your site’s design, marketing, customer service, commercial, and logistical procedures are fully optimized daily and weekly.

These three steps are designed to minimize risk and increase fast time-to-value for brands just now starting to enter this exciting new market, because e-commerce is changing retail in China. The results of this three-step process are built for brands that are willing to invest in the short term to succeed in the long term.

A Premium—All In One Solution

Global brands confidently turn to AsiaAssist to expand their brand in a global market with a structured, data-driven approach and localized expertise.

As a Dutch company with our primary operations in Shanghai, we offer both the international vision you need and the local practices that guide you safely through the Chinese marketplace. Our Brand Partners enjoy high-quality support for nearly every aspect of the management of their e-commerce store. These solutions include the following:

Livestream Magic Of Asiaassist
Livestream Magic Of Asiaassist
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An in-depth and transparent analysis is the start of better strategic decisions for your brand in China. This strategy includes IP Management, Market Research, Data analysis & insights, Go-to-market options, Business case & P&L, and Product & Pricing.

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Our team manages and optimizes the marketing of our Brand Partners to develop incredible long-term sales and brand value. Our marketing services include Social & Community, Brand Management, EPR, Events & Activations, Content Strategy, SEM & SEO, and KOL & KOC management.

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By localizing the content of our Brand Partners to the local taste of their new consumer base, we set our partners up for greater success. Our creative solutions include UX & UI Design, Brand Positioning, Content Production, Branding, Naming, Film Production, and Live Streaming.

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Our team of experts happily manages all the operational aspects of our Brand Partners’ Flagship store. We offer Sales Channels Management, EC Operations, Customer Service, Distribution, Warehousing & Logistics, and Reporting.

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