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Exporting to China has never been easier. No longer do you have to invest large amounts of money and time, or to understand the complicated regulations. With Tmall Global you can reach the Chinese consumer without much difficulty. Take advantage of the increasing purchasing power in China and start E-commerce in China. AsiaAssist is a certified partner of Tmall. We can help you maximize your return!

What is Tmall Global?

Tmall Global is a subsidiary of Tmall, the largest E-commerce platform in the world. Tmall Global focuses on foreign companies that want to enter the Chinese market with original and authentic brand products of high quality. Only companies located outside of China can use Tmall Global. The platform also requires that you have the trademark right of the products sold, sell to consumers outside China and have a good reputation.

Tmall Global, unlike Tmall, focuses on foreign companies that are not physically located in China. Because Tmall global takes care of the logistics, either via dropshippers, or via an entry port in one of the Chinese free trade zones, delivery can take place within 5 to 8 working days. This makes Tmall Global the ideal partner for companies with cross-border E-commerce ambitions.

How do I open my e-commerce shop in China?

Open a crossborder E-commerce store via Tmall Global and deliver directly to the Chinese consumer. You must be supported by a Tmall Partner Bureau or a TP Operator.


There are a number of requirements that your company must meet before you can open a Tmall Global web shop. To begin with, your company

  1. must be registered outside China,
  2. supply the consumer outside China,
  3. own the trademark (or otherwise be entitled to sell its products.

There are also a number of requirements regarding business management. To begin with, Tmall Global requires that all products are genuine and that

  1. a certificate of origin can be submitted.
  2. (all products must bear a label with (in Chinese) a product description, the relevant figures in international units of measurement and the Chinese “Wang Wang” information.
  3. (must be delivered to consumers within 72 hours and a track-and-trace system must be present.
  4. Finally all returns in China have to be handled.

What kind of shop?

Tmall Global has three different types of stores: the flagship store, the specialty store and the franchise store.

Flagship Store

This type of store only sells products with a registered trademark (® or ™). This type of store can only be held by the formal representative of a brand, or someone who has the exclusive rights to the trademark.

Specialty Store

The specialty store is for traders who have a geographically unlimited right to brand within the Chinese borders.

Franchise Store

The Franchise is for traders who want to sell different types of products. A trader can sell several products of one brand, or products of various (sub) brands that are owned by the same owner.

What can AsiaAssist do for you? 

1) Registration

AsiaAssist can take over the entire registration process from you. We do not only register with Tmall Global, but also ensure that you receive an AliPay account so that consumers can settle their orders.

2) Fullfillment

We can fully integrate your Warehouse Management System (WMS) with the relevant cross-border E-commerce platforms from China.

3) Localisation

One of the big challenges of the Chinese market is the huge cultural difference. The AsiaAssist specialists do not only translate your offer, but ensure a full localization. Your webshop and product range is fully aligned with Chinese culture and the mindset of the consumer.

4) Strategy and marketing

Crossborder E-commerce is a bit broader than opening a webshop. AsiaAssist helps you position your store and set up your sales strategy. We do market research and segment the market for you, so that you can reach the right target group. We also help you to set up the marketing strategy and we do the media purchasing for you. We help you to generate (targeted) traffic and achieve a high conversion. Everything for the maximum return!

5) Customer Service

The Chinese consumer attaches great value to support, also online. Did you know that customer service contributes to more than 70% of sales in China? We know the customer and point out the benefits of your product and help him with his purchasing decision. We also answer all questions that the consumer has.

6) Store management

We also take care of the daily business “on the floor”. Whether it concerns the shop layout or to come up with promotional campaigns, we will take care of it for you!

Enter the Chinese e-commerce market today! The consumer market in China is growing and the purchasing power of Chinese consumers is increasing. Take advantage of this and open your webshop in China with Tmall Global today.

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