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How potential customer education is the key to successfully grow sales in China, for a sport recovery brand

Simple Healthstyle Tools for every life situation. Made in Germany, Blackroll® products and services help recover faster, boost performance and simply live a healthy life! You can use BlackRoll® products to relax your muscles in between and after sports activities. For less pain, a permanently better posture, effective warm-up and training, and even better sleep.


The Challenge

Blackroll® challenge was to enter the domestic e-commerce market.

The segment of recovery products was small but expected to grow.

Consumers had a somewhat low understanding of the products and needed guidance on the benefits and usage. The right channel to build awareness and share educational content around the use of Blackroll® products was missing and had to be built. The branding required significant localization to make knowledge more accessible and relevant to Chinese consumers.

The brand need to position itself as premium in its category, it was imperative to build trust that would lead to a positive and long-term sales growth.

Lacked localized content and domestic presence

Make knowledge of the product more accessible to Chinese consumers

Position Blackroll® as premium in the e-commerce ecosystem

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Our Approach

Establish a direct brand presence on the main e-commerce platform.

AsiaAssist opened the Blackroll® Tmall Flagship store in July 2020, to establish a direct brand presence on the main e-commerce platform. AsiaAssist polished and strengthened the content on the WeChat account of Blackroll® and raised the awareness on word of mouth platforms through co-branding campaigns, content marketing activities (e.g live streaming, KOC activations, etc.), and a detailed e-commerce promotion plan.

Establish a solid presence on the main e-commerce and social media platform s

Activate the social media accounts through internal and external marketing campaigns

Defined promotion plan following Chinese consumer buying behavior


Opening of the Tmall flagship store, there was an average monthly sales growth of 52%.

During the first 6 months following the opening of the Tmall flagship store, there was an average monthly sales growth of 52%.

2021 was closed with a sales increase of 266% in comparison to the previous year, with more than double the organic traffic to the store.

At the beginning of 2022, the JD Flagship store was also opened alongside the activation of key offline channels (e.g VIP fitness center, Recovery & Physiotherapy center in Chinese Tier 1 cities, offline events during major festivals).

Increase of 52% Monthly sales each month during the 6 first months

Increase of 266% annual sales from 2020 to 2021

In addition to Tmall, the opening of a JD store and other offline channels

Take Out

The tastes of Chinese consumers are continuously evolving and becoming increasingly refined.

Many smaller segments are promising as consumers aspire for a healthier lifestyle, but require education, both to explain the product function, but also to build trust.

Sales do not happen in a vacuum. Opening a flagship store on its own will not lead to success; nor is promoting only via one social platform. All the marketing platforms and tools must be used and aligned with a common strategy, and be able to change course together based on sales data.

Tmall Flagship Store Opening


Tmall Flagship Store Sales

Tmall Sales

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"Thanks to Asia Assist's support, we were able to enter the Asian market in a very efficient and controlled way. Now we will expand and scale the partnership to initiate the next growth step."

Peter Rohn

CEO BlackRoll®


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