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A case study of Richmond&Finch Tmall Flagship store and Taobao re-seller management.

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The Challenge

Create and operate a Tmall and Kaola Flagship store for Richmond & Finch and supply & manage their resellers

In september 2018 Richmond & Finch entered the Chinese market by working together with AsiaAssist. In this collaboration AsiaAssist enabled Richmond & Finch to not work with multiple accounts anymore but to work only with AsiaAssist to sell in the Chinese market. So one point of contact and transparency in operations. Richmond & Finch now sells via AsiaAssist direct-to-consumer in the Chinese market via, and, and has full control over their brand in China.

Richmond Finch Case Study
Richmond Finch Case Study
Richmond Finch Case Study Store
Richmond Finch Case Study Store

Our Approach

Entering the Chinese market TOGETHER...

Selling Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

Selling Business-to-Business (B2B)

Selling & managing to Taobao re-sellers

Developing marketing guidelines and marketing campaigns for the Chinese market

Develop merchandising plans for the Chinese market.

Create promotion campaigns for and re-sellers.


Targeting via XiaoHongShu

XiaoHongShu (⼩红书) is also known as RED and is highly used by Chinese millenials. All the content on this platform is usergenerated content which makes this app transparent and it provides consumers to review foreign brands, get shopping tips, share fashion tips and to be able to read reviews on luxury products and swap their fashion ideas with their followers.

Targeting via XiaoHongShu

XiaoHongShu mainly targets Chinese women aged at 18 to 35- year-old and it has a great feature for Chinese millennials to discover and buy travel, cosmetics, healthcare, fashion & luxury products.

Share, Review & Purchase at the same Platform.

The app is a great and reliable option for consumers since they can buy directly via the Official Brand online store on XiaoHongShu. Chinese consumers are very selective when it





Measuring up against the competition of phone accessories

When Richmond & Finch launched their Tmall Flagship store in August-2018 their store ranking (based on revenue) was the 4013 place out of 5000+. This ranking consists of all stores in the phone accessories category on Tmall and Taobao. In a period of only 6 months Richmond & Finch climbed towards the best 800 stores (top-15% stores) of and The expectation is to be within the top 200 (top-5%) within the coming 12 months.

This was achieved by having having a solid marketing and promotion plan for its Flagship store and all the re-sellers of Richmond & Finch. A consistent pricing and marketing helped Richmond & Finch to show their high-end positioning in the phone accessories market and helped their strong performance on the platform of


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“Since AsiaAssist manages our Taobao re-sellers and the Tmall flagship store, the brand is in control again in the Chinese market and we see a strong growth in our the number of orders and our net margin.”

Oliver Spring

APAC Director Richmond&Finch


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